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  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY with single pass printing
  • DIGITAL high-end embellishment device with a speed up to 2.077 A3 sheets per hour
  • UV INKJET TECHNOLOGY combined with Konica Minolta’s drop-on-demand piezoelectric print heads for high quality
  • AIS SmartScanner for the automated sheet to sheet registration
  • SOFTWARE SUITE INCLUDED, which allows you to follow your jobs, manage your job queue, create job tickets, recall reprints and adjust your AIS Scanner in one simple and self-explaining tool.
  • VARNISH ON OFFSET AND DIGITAL PRINTS with and without lamination makes your workflows very flexible
  • VARIABLE VARNISH THICKNESS between 21 and 116 micron for 2D and 3D-tactile effects in one single pass
  • ECO-FRIENDLY IN-LINE LED DRYER for an ozone-free environment



Don’t limit yourself to beautifully printed jobs any longer – it’s time to offer your customers more value and creativity ! The JETVARNISH 3D One turns printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible print products that will immediately catch the attention of your customers. With the JETVARNISH 3D One, you will find it easy to spot coat digital prints, highlight defined areas, or add 3D effects – all of which enables you to offer attractive print products that are more vivid and tactile.

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